Guardian Technologies GG1000 Germ Guardian Pluggable Room Sanitizer Review

The GG1000 kills 98% of germs that are airborne and helps to stop the spread of germs that are transmitted through the air. It is very quiet and the size is ideal for a small room like a bathroom, a bedroom, or an office. It utilizes UV-C technology to kill germs transmitted through the air. It also eliminates odors and kills dust mites.

It plugs into any electric outlet, making setup very easy and quick. It can process more than 450 cubic feet of air and hour and it is great at deodorizing typical household smells like cooking, litter boxes, smoke, and mildew. The GG1000 sanitizes the air by using UV light so there are no filters to change or clean. The UV light-bulb is long lasting. It can last up to eight months, depending on use and with regular use it will last six months.

It is very compact and discreet. It kills mold spores and it does not produce mold spores.

About Guardian Technologies

Guardian Technologies creates safe and natural products that are innovative. They create several home environment cleaning products such as light wands, heat sanitizers, air purifiers, and UV-C air sanitizers.

Guardian Technologies was founded in the 1980s and the company is located in northeast Ohio.

Pros of the GG1000 Germ Guardian

Solid 4 out of 5 stars rating on with more than 250 customer reviews

  • Swivel plug so it can be used with any outlet
  • People who suffer indoor allergies report feeling better after letting the Germ Guardian run for a full day
  • Does a good job removing odors, even paint fumes
  • Quiet enough that it can run full time
  • People report noticing a significant difference in the air quality of the room the sanitizer is in
  • Encourages better sleep by removing dust mites, mold, other allergens
  • Excellent deodorizer for cat litter boxes
  • Compact design
  • Inexpensive price
  • Customers find the Guardian Technologies company easy to work with and customer friendly
  • Excellent for a nursery or baby’s play area
  • Covers 456 cubic feet of space in an hour
  • Ideal for offices and rooms like bedrooms, smaller living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms
  • Small enough to use for traveling and sanitizing hotel rooms
  • After regular use, customers note the room smells cleaner
  • No filters to change or clean
  • Gets rid of smoke residue
  • Excellent bathroom deodorizer
  • Most users who buy one end up purchasing several for multiple rooms and to take to the office
  • Inexpensive compared to other air purifiers
  • Users report it cuts down on their number of sick days
  • Kills mold

Cons of the GG1000 Germ Guardian

  • Users report it creates a fan-like or humming sound.
  • Some users reported it was too heavy for the wall outlet and kept falling off the wall
  • Some users report not noticing a difference in how the air smells


Overall, most users the put the Germ Guardian in a small room and leave it running 24 hours a day seem happy with its performance. There are some users who were dissatisfied with the performance but it is not known how large of a room they put the GG1000 in or how long they let it run. The customers most satisfied seem to be the customers who leave it running.

Customers who use this item find it to be an excellent small room purifier but it is not good for large rooms like large open concept living room/dining room/kitchen set ups. The majority of people who purchased this product and liked it, purchased several more of the same air purifier for other rooms in their home or to take to the office.

One use that customers seemed to really like is that the air purifier is small which makes it good for traveling.

Price and Warranty

Guardian Technologies is an easy to work with company. Unlike other companies, they offer repair on their products both in and out of warranty. The website has an easy to use repair form and their customer service information is prominently displayed on the website.

The Guardian Technologies GG1000 Germ Guardian is available at several online retailers, including the Guardian Technologies site. On their site, it sells for $59.99 but sometimes goes on sale for $49.99. It is available for $38.49 on, shipping from Guardian Technologies. On, it is also 39.97.

Replacement bulbs are available from the manufacturer. The UV-C light bulb should last anywhere from 6 to 8 months, depending on use.