The Top Three Air Purifiers That ACTUALLY Work 2014

To save our readers the trouble of spending countless hours doing research, we’ve assembled a list of the top three air purifiers for 2014. Since this article is brand-spanking new, you can act on the information right away. We hand-picked all three of these products based on several different criteria.

However, what is most important to us is whether or not the product ACTUALLY purifies the air in your home. After all, who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a product that doesn’t work? We’ve spent countless hours of research to bring you the top-three purifiers for sale today. If you’d rather just buy the best right now, then this is what you need.

Our #1 PickWhirlpool Whispure Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner

Our top pick is the Whirlpool Whispure Air Purifier HEPA Air Cleaner. There are several reasons why we chose this product as #1 on the list. For a 500 square-foot room, this product filters all of the air in the room nearly five times per hour, and it REALLY does this – unlike some other models. It’s quiet, and the electronic controls are easy to use. It’s a TRUE HEPA, which means it filters air down to 0.3 microns.

It also has four different fan speeds, and for us feature geeks, it even has turbo and sleep modes. The turbo mode is especially useful for bedrooms that are filled with extreme odors – such as cat or dog urine. Although the LED indicator lights can be annoying for some people, there really aren’t ANY cons with this product.

It’s in the mid-range price range, but we’ve found that the performance and quality of a purifier goes up exponentially as the price increase, so you shouldn’t feel bad about spending the money on this one. For what it will do for your family, the additional cost of this product is NOTHING – click here to buy this product for a decent price on Amazon.

Our #2 PickFellowes Quiet Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

Coming in at second place is the Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier AP-300PH. This product is slightly cheaper than the #1 choice, and provides nearly the same performance and quality. What we really like about this purifier is the fact that it has sensors that monitor air quality, and it will automatically adjust the fan as needed.

Like the #1 choice, it uses a true HEPA filter, which removes germs, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores and many other allergens. It also has a neat little device that ionizes the air around the unit, which further increase its ability to eliminate airborne particles. It has no trouble purifying the air in a 300-foot room. What we really like about this product is that it’s very quiet.

Some people have had issues with a clicking noise, but most people haven’t experienced this problem. This product looks more modern than the #1 pick, but when compared with the #1 pick, its performance is slightly lacking, but it still has AMAZING performance. Overall, this is an excellent product, and you can click here to get a great price on it from Amazon.

Our #3 PickHoneywell HFD-120-Q Quietclean Tower Air Purifier

Our third pick is the Honeywell HFD-120-Q Quietclean Tower Air Purifier. It’s the cheapest on our list, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking performance or quality. This product offers comparable performance as the other products on this list, but it’s meant for a smaller room.

It can effectively purify the air in a 186-square foot room. It has a pre-filter, which is permanent. We’ve found that it’s very quiet, and it even has an electronic indicator light to let you know when the filter needs to be changed. This product will catch tobacco smoke, cat dander, pollen and dust.

It also has a built-in ionizer, which we love, that grounds harmful airborne particles that are missed by the unit, so later, the grounded particles are easily vacuumed. Overall, this is a great product for a smaller room, like a bedroom or bathroom. It looks modern and does what it’s supposed to do. You can click here to buy it from amazon.