Germguardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System Review

Don't take a chance and buy the Germguardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Cleaning System before you have time to read this because I think it's very important that you hear what I've got to say.

Why Are You Buying This?

I assume there are one or more reasons why you want to buy this purifier. Maybe you want it to get relief from allergies. People who suffer from severe allergies will do almost ANYTHING to get relief, and this purifier can give you that.

germguardian ac4825 3 in 1 air cleaning systemMaybe you want to buy it because you don't want to use allergy medications. Maybe you want to remove smog and pollen or combat congestion and regular sneezing.

Some people will buy this air purifier to remove smoke from their home because some areas naturally, as unfortunate as that may be, have a lot of smoke.

An air purifier WILL remove smoke from your home, which will greatly improve your health. A lot of people just want to get rid of the particles that trigger asthma symptoms while others want to fight pet allergens and animal odors.

The list could go on forever. However, I want to waste no time getting into the details about the Germguardian AC4825.

The Pros

One of the MAJOR reasons why thousands of consumers have purchased this purifier is because it uses a TRUE HEPA filter. Unfortunately, there are many purifiers out there that DON'T use a true HEPA filter, which doesn't provide you with the filtration that you really need and deserve.

This purifier is advertised as having a HEPA filter, and it REALLY does. The filter on this machine needs replacement only once per year. This purifier is also easy to setup right out of the box and looks GREAT.

It has a UV feature that kills germs as it filters air, and sadly, there is not really any way for the average person to test this feature, but many consumers firmly believe that this unit's UV filter has saved them from illnesses like ammonia and the flue.

This unit is lightweight and quite easy to move around the home. When compared with units of a similar price range, it requires limited maintenance and really scrubs the air WELL. It's also quiet enough that most people can use it while sleeping. Those are the major pros for this product.

The Cons

Now, let's take a look at the cons.

Many people have complained that this unit produces a smell of plastic and chemicals. The manufacturer has said to run the unit continuously for up to 48 hours to remedy the plastic and chemical smells, which are produced because of the parts being new.

The plastic or chemical smell is the only real problem that you MIGHT have, but fortunately, the problem is temporary and easily remedied.

Some people have had issues with this unit's fan getting louder over time, so although this isn't a serious problem, it's something to consider.


Overall, this air purifier seems to be a great value for the money, and while it does have some minor problems, the majority of people who've purchased this unit are more than satisfied with the results.