Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier Review

For someone looking for a compact, desktop size air purifier, the Holmes HEPA Type Air Purifier is a good choice for a number of great reasons.

Let's take a look at this model and see why it's so popular and what makes it a good buy.

A Desktop Size Air Cleaner

The Holmes desktop HEPA air purifier removes 99% of airborne germs and allergens. It will remove particles as little as 2 microns.

It has an adjustable 3-speed setting and the ionizer helps with the removal of allergens and germs. This air cleaner has a very slim profile that adjust to the space available and can be set up both vertically or horizontally.

It will purify the air in a room space that is up to 109 square feet, or 10×11 foot room. It can be used with several types of Holmes filters.

It uses both a HEPA filter and a carbon filter for added air purification and odor elimination. It comes with an optional ionizer.

Quiet yet Powerful

The Holmes desktop air purifier is quiet and it increases the freshness and quality of the air in the room. The filters are easy to access making filter changes quick and simple. The plastic casing has a Microban coating that protects it from bacteria grow, mold and mildew.

It has three speed settings. The quieter low speed is ideal for when you are in the room and the high speed is optimal for when you are not in the room. The highest setting is slightly louder but it provides maximum air cleaning so you can return to a fresh and purified room.

The optional ionizer helps remove more dust, smoke odors, and pollen.

About Holmes

Holmes was founded in the 1980s and it is based in Massachusetts. It is owned by the Jarden Corporation. In addition to producing top air purifiers, Holmes creates high quality filters for HVACs, humidifiers, fans, heaters, and heated bedding.

Pros of Holmes HEPA Desktop Air Purifier

Let's take a look at some of the pros, or main advantages of owning this model or air sanitizer.

Cons of Holmes HEPA Desktop Air Purifier

There are very few negative review of this product. Of the 139 reviews on Amazon.com, only 5 are 1-star.


The Holmes HEPA desktop air purifier is a well-reviewed air sanitizer. Most customers who purchased it are very pleased with its performance.

It is designed for small spaces which makes it an ideal solution for offices, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Several users purchased it to combat cat box litter and odor and felt it did a very good job of purifying that space.

It is quiet on all three settings and noise is undetectable on the lowest setting. Users report it does not interrupt their sleep.

Customers who bought this item felt it significantly reduced their allergy suffering, thanks to the air purifier HEPA filter.

The filters are long lasting and the indicator light makes it easy to know when to change the filters. Customers did say it worked particularly well when they followed the recommendation using the pre-filter before switching to the regular filter.

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Price and Warranty

All Holmes products are covered by a manufacturers limited warranty and the warranty information is included in the user manual.

The desktop air purifier is available from Holmes. On the Holmes website, the product can be purchased for a great price. Surprisingly, this air purifier cost more at Walmart and for the price, it does not seem to come with any additional accessories.

Holmes is a popular brand and it is easy to find replacement filters.